Turning Your Custom Drupal Module into a Feature

Yesterday I was fixing a bug in an inherited Drupal 7 custom module, and I decided that I was going to add some tests to ensure that the bug was fixed and doesn’t get accidentially re-introduced in the future. The test though required me to have a particular content type and fields which are specific to this site, so weren’t present within the standard installation profile used to run tests.

I decided to convert the custom module into a Feature so that the content type and it’s fields could be added to it, and therefore present on the testing site once the module is installed.

To do this, I needed to expose the module to the Features API.

All that’s needed is to add this line to the mymodule.info file:

features[features_api][] = api:2

After clearing the cache, the module is now visible in the Features list - and ready to have the appropriate configuration added to it.

'The features list showing the custom module'