Leaving Nomensa, Joining Precedent

Yesterday was my last day working at Nomensa. Next week, I’ll be starting as a Senior Developer at Precedent.

The last 14 months that I’ve been working at Nomensa have been absolutely fantastic, and had allowed me to work on some great projects for great clients - mainly unionlearn and Digital Theatre Plus. I’ve learned so much about accessibility and web standards, and have pretty much changed my whole approach to front-end development to accommodate best practices. I’ve also been involved with the Drupal Accessibility group since starting at Nomensa, and have written several accessibility-focused Drupal modules, including the Nomensa Accessible Media Player module and the Accessibility Checklist. I’ll definitely be continuing my interest in accessibility, championing best practices, and incorporating it into my future work wherever possible.

With that all said, I’m really looking forward to starting my new role at Precedent, tackling some new challenges, and I’m sure that it’ll be as great a place to work as Nomensa was.