Drupal Association

Today was my last day working at Precedent. Next week, I’ll be starting my new job at the Drupal Association working on Drupal’s home - Drupal.org.

I was at Precedent for just over a year and had the opportunity to work on several Drupal projects from project leading to ad-hoc module and theme development, including my largest Drupal build to date.

I was also lucky enough to go to DrupalCon Prague as well as DrupalCamp London.

I was able to contribute some code back into the community and encourage other team members to do the same.

It was good to be able to introduce some new tools like Vagrant, Puppet, SASS and Compass into the team. I was pleased to introduce and champion the Git Flow branching model, which them became the standard approach for all Drupal projects, and hopefully soon all development projects.

Working for the Drupal Association and on Drupal.org was an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse, and is certainly going to be a fun and interesting challenge. I can’t wait to get started!